a little about never board

Never Board is artist family ran business that prides ourselves on treating the clients we work with like family. 

We offer many different artistic discipline services under one roof. We also occasionally pivot our business and pop-up as a gallery to show new work.

Our Goal

Assist and guide clients to brand themselves and step to the next level. To always strive to give the best service and design possible the best end result that your vision reaches your goals. 

Never Board /’nev’er / bôrd/
1.  To get as much good done for your immediate surroundings as quick as humanly possible.
2.  Not to rely on a board/ committee/ local government to make changes for the good in your surroundings, but working with them in order to move goals forward.                                      
3.  Always finding something to change around you, and making that change. (especially for the good)
Early turn of the 21st century (2005)  (in sense of skateboarding in order to never being bored) other meanings were adapted as being “Never Board” has evolved.


1518 Del Paso Blvd.,

Sacramento, CA. 95815

Appointment Only Studio:

Monday –  Friday

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